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Interview | Dongsheng Co., Ltd. Liu Xu: The decline of the commercial vehicle market will prompt companies to pay more attention to the improvement of the intrinsic quality of their products

Date: 2019-05-29 17:04

On May 29, 2019, the 2019 Beijing International Road Transport, Urban Bus Vehicles and Parts Exhibition opened at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). Liu Xu, Chairman of Yangzhou Dongsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with Commercial Vehicle Network ( ) at the exhibition site.

As a company specializing in the research and development and production of automotive stabilizer bars and air suspension systems, Yangzhou Dongsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (referred to as Dongsheng Co., Ltd.) is the standard-setting unit for China's commercial vehicle horizontal stabilizer bar industry. R & D team. At this exhibition, Yangzhou Dongsheng exhibited a variety of products such as stabilizer bars, composite stabilizer bars, air suspension, and cab stabilizer bars in response to the needs of the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets.

When the market is down, it is more important to improve product quality

In the context of the decline in the automotive market in the past two years, although the overall commercial vehicle market has maintained positive growth, the passenger car market has been sluggish. Does this situation have a significant impact on component suppliers?

When the reporter first raised this issue with Liu Xu, he had his own opinions on it. Liu Xu believes that the market for the entire commercial vehicle industry has fallen this year, mainly because the industry has developed too fast in the early stages. When the industry is not very good, including OEMs and component companies, they have also begun to reflect on and optimize their products, mainly in accordance with the direction encouraged by national industrial policies, such as stronger adjustment of new energy and light weight of vehicle products. And other characteristics.

At this point, Liu Xu said that since 2017, the product structure of Dongsheng Co., Ltd. has achieved a transformation from a single stabilizer bar product to the entire suspension system for modular development. The purpose is to support the development of the industry around the national industrial policy.

The reporter learned that in the product sequence of Dongsheng Co., Ltd., passenger car composite stabilizer steering axle suspension, passenger vehicle steering axle air suspension, passenger vehicle drive axle air suspension, heavy truck drive axle air suspension, heavy truck steering axle air suspension, trailer Air suspensions are the company's specialty products. Why does Dongsheng take these products as the economic growth point?

Liu Xu told reporters that he visited Europe four or five years ago and found that European commercial vehicles are equipped with air suspension as standard, but there are not many commercial vehicles in China. He analyzed that with the improvement of road facilities, customers' requirements for vehicle comfort and safety continue to improve, so the overall structure of the car has undergone a major change, and the pursuit of lightweight and low noise. Therefore, Dongsheng Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to optimize the structure of domestic commercial vehicles and began the research and development and manufacture of air suspension.

The research and development path of Dongsheng Co., Ltd. is to carry out independent research and development and design after the introduction of digesting European technologies, and at the same time to match models according to the different needs of customers. Different models have different design requirements for independent suspension.

The reporter learned that the purchase cost of vehicles using air suspension is relatively high. However, Liu Xu believes that in the long term, the price and cost are decreasing. Because the weight of the body is reduced and the weight of the entire chassis is reduced, the overall operating costs, such as fuel consumption and emissions, are reduced, which enhances vehicle reliability and safety.


Independent suspension

The era of new energy vehicles more needs air suspension

When interviewed by the reporter at the booth, the reporter saw a continuous stream of representatives from vehicle manufacturers to visit and learn about Dongsheng's products. Liu Xu told reporters that at present the company's supporting vehicles include not only Yutong, Zhongtong, Ankai, Dajinlong, Haige Bus, Foton Bus, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Shaanxi Commercial Vehicle, Sinotruk, SAIC Hongyan, Beiben Heavy trucks and other well-known domestic truck and bus brands also supply overseas commercial vehicle brands such as Daimler, Volkswagen, Mann, Scania, and Duff.

When Liu Xu was asked if Dongsheng's independent suspension products could be used with new energy vehicles, his answer was yes! Liu Xu said that new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, have a certain amount of battery packs, which leads to an increase in the weight of the body, and there is also a problem of lightweight vehicles. In addition, the lack of an engine in an electric car makes the noise in the car more prominent. In addition, electric cars also have the problem of aging rubber parts, and noise is generated when the car is running. He said that new energy vehicles use air suspension and stabilizer bars, which will be more lightweight, more comfortable, and more secure!

Liu Xu said that the electric vehicle uses a suspension of Dongsheng's composite stabilizer bar structure. The original 12 rubber parts of the chassis can be reduced to 4, reducing the body weight and noise, and greatly improving passenger comfort and safety. .

According to the sales staff of Dongsheng Co., Ltd., BYD Bus representatives participating in this exhibition are also very interested in the company's products and hope to have a deeper understanding.

Composite lateral stabilizer bar

Do the Worst in the Automotive Parts Segment

Liu Xu, chairman of Yangzhou Dongsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a veteran, has always cherished the ideal of making the greatest contribution to society and the people. In 2000, as a "pioneer of independent job selection" in the army transfer team in Yangzhou, Liu Xu embarked on a difficult road of entrepreneurship.

Liu Xu initially produced automobile leaf springs. With a deep understanding of the auto parts industry, he realized that traditional leaf springs were about to face the danger of being eliminated, so he immediately transformed and upgraded the main industry to a new generation of “automobile stabilizer bars. ". In 2004, Liu Xu led the establishment of "Yangzhou Dongsheng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.", specializing in the development and production of stabilizer bars.

In 2008, Liu Xu met one of the most important people in his life, Mr. Zhang Xiaoyu, the deputy chairman of the China Machinery Industry Federation. President Zhang told him: "You need to transform the solid stabilizer bar for Chinese commercial vehicles to a hollow side, and I hope you can do it!" This sentence pointed out the direction of corporate transformation and upgrade, and made Liu Xu realize "Lightweight" will become the development direction of commercial vehicle chassis components.

In 2008, the hollow stabilizer bar was a brand-new product in the field of domestic commercial vehicle parts. Compared with the solid stabilizer bar with the same performance, the weight was reduced by 30% to 40% while ensuring the product performance. At present, more than 85% of the country's hollow stabilizer products are allocated by Dongsheng.

In December 2010, Yangzhou Dongsheng invested 40 million yuan to establish a 6000M2 commercial vehicle stabilizer bar production workshop. In November 2012, Dongsheng officially became a qualified supplier to Daimler worldwide. For 6 years of delivery, Dongsheng has won the title of "Daimler Excellent Supplier" twice in 2015 and 2017 with the excellent quality of 0 PPM (million pieces with zero defects) (only ten companies are selected each year in the world).

As of the end of 2017, Dongsheng has developed more than 1,000 different models of solid, hollow, and composite three-generation stabilizer bars, becoming the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle stabilizer bars. The company is also a Tier 1 supplier to internationally renowned companies such as Daimler, Volkswagen, Mann, Scania, Volvo, Fuso, Tata, etc., with a domestic market share of up to 85%.

On September 1, 2016, China's "Commercial Vehicle Horizontal Stabilizer Technical Standard", which was led by Dongsheng Co., Ltd., was officially released and implemented (standard number JB / T12794.1-2016).

In 18 years, Dongsheng Co., Ltd. has developed a small workshop of "three or five people and two or three devices" into a modern auto parts manufacturing enterprise with a total of 400 employees, an annual output value of nearly 400 million yuan, and a tax payment of nearly 10 million yuan. Dongsheng Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle stabilizer bar products in China, and is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle stabilizer bars. In March 2017, Dongsheng Co., Ltd. successfully landed on the capital market and was officially listed in the "National SME Share Transfer System" (New Third Board) in Beijing (stock code 870969), which also indicates that the company has entered the capital market to support high-tech enterprises. Develop fast lanes.

Chairman Liu Xu told reporters that in the next five years, the company will be committed to the research and development and innovation of new materials and new processes, leading the lightweight technology of new energy vehicle chassis, especially the passenger car independent suspension system and trailer guide arm suspension system in the Chinese market. Promotion and application. (Text / Video production: Sun Hongnan said)

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